Classroom Experiences

Although online learning opportunities offer the potential to meet the unique needs of many students, they cannot respond to all needs of today’s students. Students need opportunities to develop critical thinking skills as well as teachers who can provide alternative methods to learn material. The addition of a classroom component helps with this.


FlexTech high school delivers classroom experiences in two ways. The first through a seminar component in Schoology classes, the second through more traditional classroom classes.


However, classroom classes at FlexTech High School are not “traditional” in the “traditional” sense. Instead, they are unique in their meeting times and the methods in which classes are taught. All classroom classes include a Project Based Learning component. A teacher's role in this classroom is to facilitate student learning as they create unique and relevant projects.  Another unique quality of FTHS’s classroom classes is the teacher-student relationship. Teachers work to create a relationship with students that helps promote learning and a community environment.  Teachers also teach in a fashion that allows them to meet the needs of individual students to help every student learn the material.